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Why should I refer my clients to PMI?

Our goal is to be your trusted partner in ensuring your clients receive the best services available. We understand the importance and value of client relationships and know the work that goes into building them. That is why we have our Professional Alliance Guarantee. We can add value to your existing service offerings and will always refer your client back to you.

We can help you close deals. Let us show you how.

PMI has valuable insights that will set you apart from the competition. We understand the market and we can add value to your clients through free consultations, Vacation Rental Performance Analyses, and more. Not only does PMI protect client assets, maximize ROI, and offer guests extraordinary experiences, but we also take care of you. To extend our appreciation, we offer a Vacation Rental referral program with competitive rates. Contact us today, we would love to meet you!

We want you to do what you do best, and we will do the rest when it comes to your property investors!

When you have a client with investment properties and you need someone to manage their properties, we would hope you would think of us first. We want to make sure they receive the best possible property management services while they remain YOUR client. At PMI Scenic City we provide our referral with a written promise!

Your client will always stay YOUR client.

We will promote your relationship with your client. If they express an interest in purchasing additional properties or selling existing properties, we will immediately refer your client back to you. If a guest in one of your client’s properties wants to purchase a property, we will refer them to you as well.


As a thank you for your referral we offer a very aggressive program.


We provide your clients and guests with a full menu of services at a very competitive price.


Our goal is to protect your client’s assets, giving them the best possible return on their investments and the best level of hospitality to their guests.


We do everything in property management to ensure the ongoing maintenance and preservation of your client’s property.